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  • <p><strong>Equestrian property, finca, studfarm for the passionate rider in Andalusia, near Seville for sale</strong></p><p>The estate lies just 5 minutes from the historic town of Carmona (29.000 inhab.), 20 minutes from the international airport of Seville and less than an hour from the popular beaches of Sanlucar de Barrameda at the river mouth of the Guadalquivir river. The completely fenced and absolutely flat grounds extend over 136.000 m2 (34 acres) and are surrounded by agricultural fields and olive plantations. There are two houses, the bigger one with 200 m2 being the owner’s villa and the smaller one with 150 m2 being the guest villa.  While both houses reflect the traditional Spanish exterior architecture the interior of the houses is modern, contemporary and very luxurious. The owner’s villa boasts furniture of Armani Casa, the unusual kitchen comes from the Italian make Minotti and all the floors are of pure black granite. There are two very spacious bedrooms with bathrooms en-suite, a comfortable lounge with views over the estate and Carmona as a backdrop and the fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen with integrated dining area. The guest villa , which is 80% finished, also impresses with its excellent quality and special mention merits the fully equipped kitchen from the Italian make Boffi. There is oak parquet flooring in both bedrooms. The guest villa has two bedroom suites, kitchen with dining area and a  comfortable lounge.</p><p>The very impressive equestrian installations include: the stable hall with a built area of 300 m2 including 7 luxurious horse boxes with automatic water bowls and rubber flooring. There are two areas for the preparation of the horses also with rubber flooring and marble walls. The showers have cold and warm water. For guests there is a rest room with shower and toilet. In addition there is a fully equipped laundry. The stable hall has ccv video security  and a Bosé music system inside and outside. The ccv can also be seen from the owner’s villa. Outside, the riding arena measures 20 x 60 meters and the quartz sand floor is mixed with geo textile and has an automatic underground irrigation system installed by the renowned company Damann. There also is a round pen with diameter of 19 m equally equipped with the Risohorse flooring of Damann. Besides the four paddocks with an area of 2,500 m there are another seven paddocks with an area of some 7 to 8,000 m each. All paddocks are wooden fenced and have automatic water bowls and irrigation. Finally there is a large barn to store hay and straw.</p><p>The property has mains electricity. The water comes from several wells and is directed to a 96 m3 deposit from where it is pumped to the buildings and the paddocks. All buildings and the wells are fully legalized and registered.<br><br><a title=\VIDEO a mix of all fotos and real video -

    This property is offered through \"Mara’s World of Horses\" – specialized in horse properties, fincas, villas and hotels worldwide – especially in Andalusia, southern Spain! All properties you will find on the webpage

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    Spain, Carmona

    propiedad ecuestre, finca, yeguada, Andalucia, Seville Carmona en venta

    • 16-062-MWOH

    • 350 m2

    • 136000 m2

    • 3 Baño

    • 4 Dormitorios

    • € 1,950,000

  • bonita finca, yeguada, con terreno grande y plaza de toros en venta en Andalucia, Costa de la Luz, Cadiz, ideal para caballos, vacas

    Spain, Vejer de la Frontera

    Cortijo, finca, Andalucia, Costa de la Luz, Vejer en venta

    • 16-055-MWOH

    • 550 m2

    • 180000 m2

    • 3 Baño

    • 4 Dormitorios

    • € 1,850,000

  • <p><strong>Excellent equestrian property, finca, countryhouse near Alcalá de los Gazules, Cádiz, Spain for sale</strong></p><p>Alcalá de los Gazules is one of the famous white villages of Andalusia and lies next to the “Ruta de los Toros” about 40 km from the white beaches of the Costa de la Luz and 50 km from the International airports of Jerez de la Frontera and Gibraltar. The farm lies just 4 km outside Alcalá de los Gazules with an area of 15 ha (38 acres) of gently southerly sloping terrain. The old farmhouse is situated at the highest point of the property and commands beautiful views over the country. The old cortijo was completely renovated in 2010 and has on the two floors about 210 m2 of construction. The L-shaped building includes a very large lounge cum dining room  and open fire place as well as the kitchen  in one wing and two bedrooms and two bathrooms are in the other wing. Upstairs is another bright room which can serve as a studio or office. Attached to the rear of the building are three horse boxes, albeit very small ones. The farm is connected to the public water grid and electricity can be hooked up at about 200 meters. The house needs some finishing work to be done and there is the possibility to buy the adjoining land with another 10 ha (25 acres).<br><br><strong><a href=\VIDEO a mix of all fotos and real video -

    Attention: there is a commission to pay by the buyer of 3 % + 21 % IVA at the notaries date.

    This property is offered through \"Mara’s World of Horses\" – specialized in horse properties, fincas, villas and hotels worldwide – especially in Andalusia, southern Spain! All properties you will find on the webpage


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    Spain, Alcalà de los Gazules

    casa de campo, finca, provincia Cadiz, Alcala de los Gazules en venta

    • 16-046-MWOH

    • 214 m2

    • 150000 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 3 Dormitorios

    • € 451,500

  • fantastic horseproperty, house with horsestables and riding hall for sale in Germany, Lower Saxony, near Cologne, Bonn and Aachen

    Germany, Nörvenich

    horseproperty for sale in Germany, Lower Saxony, Cologne, Bonn, Aachen

    • 16-054-MM

    • 214 m2

    • 36600 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 4 Dormitorios

    • € 880,000

  • preciosa casa, chalet con piscina, cuadras para caballos, pista cubierta y abierta, en venta en Alemania, Hesse, Francfort del meno

    Germany, Haiger

    casa, propiedad cuestre, cuadras, pista cubierta, Hesse, Francfort del Meno en venta

    • 16-051-BVF

    • 280 m2

    • 12000 m2

    • 3 Baño

    • 4 Dormitorios

    • € 1,690,000

  • casa de campo con piscina y cuardas para caballos, Sevilla, Coto Donana, La Puebla del Rio en venta

    Spain, La Puebla del Rio

    Chalet con piscina, cuadra caballos, Sevilla, Coto Donana en venta

    • 16-050-MWOH

    • 146 m2

    • 2500 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 3 Dormitorios

    • € 420,000

  • schöner Reiterhof, Reitimmobilie, mit Gästezimmern und Aktivstall für glückliche Pferde in Niedersachsen, Landkreis Goslar, Seesen zu verkaufen

    Germany, Seesen

    horsestable with guestapartments for sale in Lower Saxony, Germany

    • 16-045-MWOH

    • 280 m2

    • 40000 m2

    • 6 Baño

    • 7 Dormitorios

    • € 882,000

  • schöne Finca mit Gästeapartments zur Vermietung und Pferdestall nahe Casares, Estepona, Costa del Sol, zu verkaufen

    Spain, Manilva

    Finca, casa de campo, turismo rural, Costa del Sol, Estepona, Manilva en venta

    • 16-044-MWOH

    • 220 m2

    • 9700 m2

    • 4 Baño

    • 6 Dormitorios

    • € 895,000

  • finca casa con jardin grande en venta cerca de Vejer de la Frontera en la Costa de la Luz en Andalucia, Cadiz

    Spain, Vejer de la Frontera

    Se vende finca, casa de campo cerca Vejer de la Frontera, Costa de la Luz

    • 16-043-CG

    • 200 m2

    • 4300 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 4 Dormitorios

    • € 280,000

  • centro ecuestre con casa con apartamentos en Alemania, Schwaebisch Hall en venta

    Germany, Wolpertshausen

    Centro ecuestre con la casa de retorno multifamiliar en Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Wurttemberg en venta!

    • 16-042-AK

    • 2316 m2

    • 18600 m2

    • N/A Baño

    • N/A Dormitorios

    • € 3,900,000

  • finca preciosa con fronte del lago se vende cerca de Alcala de los Gazules en la provincia de Cádiz, Andalucia

    Spain, Alcalà de los Gazules

    Finca con frente con lago Alcalá de los Gazules, Cadiz, en venta

    • 16-038-MWOH

    • 98 m2

    • 96000 m2

    • 1 Baño

    • 2 Dormitorios

    • € 820,000

  • casa de campo de lujo con piscina cubierta, cuadras para 6 caballos, cerca de Nuremberg en Alemania, Bavaria en venta

    Germany, Nürnberg

    casa rural, villa con piscina cubierta, cuadras para caballos, Alemania, Nuremberg en venta

    • 16-028-MWOH

    • 517 m2

    • 3600 m2

    • N/A Baño

    • N/A Dormitorios

    • € 2,600,000

  • finca romantico, casa de campo con piscina y cuadra para caballos en venta en Manacor Mallorca

    Spain, Manacor

    finca romantica con piscina y cuadra, Manacor, Mallorca, en venta

    • 16-039-JM

    • 165 m2

    • 15000 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 3 Dormitorios

    • € 540,000

  • bonito cortijo finca hotel en Lucainena de las Torres, Almeria, en venta

    Spain, Lucainena de las Torres

    Cortijo, hotel, finca Lucainena de las Torres, Almeria en venta

    • 16-031-MWOH

    • 876 m2

    • 380000 m2

    • 5 Baño

    • N/A Dormitorios

    • € 1,500,000

  • centro ecuestre en venta en Alemania, Renania-Palatinado, con casa historial

    Germany, Leienkaul

    centro ecuestre con villa historica en venta en Alemania, Renania-Palatinado

    • 16-021-MM

    • 647 m2

    • 73000 m2

    • 3 Baño

    • 5 Dormitorios

    • € 998,000

  • very nice countryproperty with 2 units, stables and small vinyard for sale near Constantina, Sevilla in Andalusia

    Spain, Cazalla de la Sierra

    finca, 2 casas, cuadra en venta cerca Sevilla, Constantina

    • 16-016-MWOH

    • 188 m2

    • 50000 m2

    • 3 Baño

    • 5 Dormitorios

    • € 283,000

  • Germany, Verden

    propiedad ecuestre, cuadra, Alemania, Baja Sajonia, Verden en venta

    • 16-008-MWOH

    • 240 m2

    • 12515 m2

    • 2 Baño

    • 5 Dormitorios

    • € 598,000


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